Sunday, December 4, 2022

At Cobra Fighting Championship we believe that each amateur fighter should be treated with respect and with the same goals as a Professional Fighter. Meaning that we will ensure the fighters safety and will do our part in marketing the fighter for maximum exposure.

Part of Fighter safety is making sure they have the proper equipment and the necessary tools in order to fight for Cobra Fighting Championship.

Another part of their safety, as well as providing a ticket buyer an exciting fight…is to match the fighters up evenly – no mismatches. We believe that mismatches harm not only the promotion, but the fighter as well.

Amateur MMA was created in Florida to give those the opportunity to try it out first (before going Pro) and see if this sport is for them. Over 50% of the amateur fighters only fight once before deciding that this may not be the sport for them.

Cobra Fighting Championship is dedicated to those fighters who believe in the sport and in their career. We will do our part to make sure they have that platform to market themselves and grow.

Good luck to all the fighters in our next event on March 25, 2022.

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